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Pecan Valley RWD Opt-In & Membership Questions Answered

Pecan Valley RWD Opt-In & Membership Questions Answered

The cost for a new membership will be $2,500 which will be applicable to new homes built on the vacant lots that are undeveloped yet around our community. However, the Board has voted to grandfather in, at NO COST, all those existing homeowners who Opt-In prior to March 31st.

We are preparing a homeowners' list from the County Assessor's office and will mail the information and form to all the homeowners who have not yet opted in this month. But to save mailing costs -- and ultimately save you money -- if you will download the form, fill it out, and return it to us by mail, email, or in person to our office, that will greatly help this process go more smoothly.


Here is a short explanation for those who have not stayed current or attended the community meetings as well as another link to the form.


RWD Opt-In and Membership Questions Answered

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